Energy Efficiency

Every single day, massive amounts of energy are lost through in-efficient machinery, and the fact that people just aren’t using machines that RENEW their energy. Renewing your energy can help save you time and money, and as the world’s supply of oil and gas become dangerously low, they are becoming increasingly expensive.

Air Conditioning Energy Inspection

All air conditioning equipment with an effective rated power output above 12kW (and installed before January 2008) is legally required to undergo an Air Conditioning Energy Inspection.
This inspection confirms that the system is suitable for the application and that system condition, efficiency and maintenance is adequate.

Why should my business have an assessment?
- ISO14001 Certification (Environmental Management) now requires companies to hold a valid Air Conditioning Energy Certificate.

- Ensuring your system meets standard is necessary to ensure that your system is safe and efficient, and also enhances your company’s green credentials.

- The Assessment is a legal requirement; since the 6th of April 2012, it has been mandatory for the subsequent Inspection Certificate and Report to be lodged on the Non-Domestic Energy Performance Register, which maintained by Landmark Information Group on behalf of the Government. Copies of the Report and the Inspection Certificate are also supplied to the equipment owner.

Am I responsible?

- The person responsible for ensuring certificates and inspections are done is the person who has control of the operation of the air conditioning system.  

- A person taking over the system must ensure that it is inspected within three months if no
inspection is given when responsibility changes.  

When is the deadline?

- For any AC system installed before 1st of January 2008 with an effective power output 12kW and above, the deadline has already passed and inspections must be completed now.

- For systems installed after the 1st of January 2008 must be inspected within 5 years of installation.

How can ACHS (UK) Ltd help?

- All inspections must be completed by an independent, accredited inspector, so we cannot inspect your equipment for you. However, we have negotiated favourable rates with a national approved assessment company. All inspections are non-intrusive and will cause minimal disruption to your business.

Inspections can be included in existing maintenance agreements or scheduled as one-off services. Call 0330 058 8295 now to arrange an inspection now!

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